Riding Lessons
We work with all levels of experience.  We will initially start out with safety and care of the horses.  We will then teach the riders to take a horse out in a halter, turn it out, and lunge them.
Then we will teach grooming and hoof care. After that, we move up to tacking them up (teach the rider how to put on a bridle and a saddle).  Next we teach the basic riding skills:  walking and trotting


Beginner Level Riders:


-Led around in the arena, then put on a lunge line.  The first riding trials are done this way to evaluate the riding skills.  

-From there, the riders are allowed to ride them on their own:  walking, trotting and cantering when ready.  

-Patterns are taught in the arena:  circles and figure 8's

-We will work on the rider's form

-Work on bringing the horse to a halt and backing them up

-Beginners will be evaluated for styles they prefer, then move to intermediate level lessons.


Intermediate Level Riders are taught:


-Western Pleasure

-Trail Riding Skills

-Barrel Riding

-Minimal Gymkhana

-Basic English Riding Groundwork


At the end of the day, we will teach the rider to:


-Cool down the horse

-Un-Tack the horse

-Groom or bathe the horse (if needed)

-Put the horse away safely



Adult Program


Our Adult Program is where adult riders of all levels can come to ride.  From the beginner who has never ridden to the advanced rider hoping to polish their skills, we have a program for you.



We work with all ages on Trail Riding Skills.  Trailering

to nearby trails is available (1/2 mile away).

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