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A riding lesson is designed to introduce new riders to the basics of horseback riding and horses. Whether it's in English or Western style, the structure of a lesson is generally similar and focuses on safety, basic control, and familiarization with the horse. Here's a typical outline of what a lesson might involve:



- Introduction to the Horse: Learning about the specific horse you'll be riding, including its personality and how to approach it safely.

- Grooming and Tacking Up: Basic instruction on how to groom the horse and prepare it for riding (putting on the saddle, bridle, etc.).

- Safety Briefing: A run-through of safety protocols, including how/why we wear a helmet and the importance of wearing appropriate riding gear this includes Jeans or riding pants and leather boots with a low heel. (We always have boots and certified riding helmets to borrow)


Initial Groundwork

-Haltering and tying your horse: Learning how to properly

halter your horse and the proper way to tie them up for

grooming and tacking.

- Leading the Horse: Learning how to lead the horse to and

from the stall or around the arena.

- Mounting and Dismounting: Instruction on how to safely

mount and dismount the horse. (get on and off)


Basic Riding Skills

- Finding Your Seat: Learning the correct riding posture,

how to sit comfortably in the saddle, and balance. 

- Basic Commands: Introduction to basic commands like "walk out," "Woah" 

- Rein Handling: Understanding how to hold and use the reins for basic control of the horse. All horses require their reins held differently depending on their bridle. 

- Walking the Horse: Starting with walking, the most basic gait, to get comfortable with the movement of the horse.


Safety and Control

- Stopping and Steering: Learning to stop your horse and steer it in the desired direction.

- Understanding Horse Behavior: Basic insights into how horses think and react, which is crucial for safe riding.


Cool Down

- Post-ride Care: Removing your tack, and based on the season giving your horse a rinse off or bath. 

- Leading the Horse Back: Taking the horse back to its stable or paddock. Or back to the rail you groomed and tacked up at inside the arena. 


Feedback and Next Steps

- Instructor Feedback: The instructor will provide you or your child feedback on the posture, control, and interaction with the horse.

- Homework and Practice: Suggestions for exercises to improve balance and strength, or reading materials to better understand horse behavior and care.



As the rider becomes more comfortable and skilled, lessons will build on these basics, introducing more advanced skills like sitting trot, posting trot, and cantering. As you or your child improves they will eventually pick a certain discipline or riding style they want to stick to and we will provide an intro into that specific discipline. 

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