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Our Team


The true stars of All Seasons Horse Riding are our horses and farm animals. Each one has been carefully selected for their temperament, training, and ability to work with riders of all levels.



29-year-old red dun paint Quarter Horse has been used in cutting,

parades, and lessons. Specializes in all ages but specifically works

with all different types of kids or adults with disabilities. Tank loves

teaching kids and adults safe ways to interact with him, and

the importance of being a safe place for you or your child to land.

You may find Tank hanging out next to his brother Leonard probably

nickering at you for a treat. His favorite treats are carrots and he loves

giving kisses.


Fun Fact: Tank was the first horse to start at ASHR.



A 14-year-old palomino Quarter Horse, before coming to ASHR Gus

was used on a ranch moving cattle, and checking fences. Gus

specializes in more intermediate to advanced riders and even the

occasional beginner. He loves teaching kids and adults new ways to

interact and use the fancy buttons he used out on the cattle ranch.

You may find Gus fighting with his brother Beaux and waiting for

grain. His favorite thing to do is walk, and trot over poles!



Our only girl (mare) at ASHR. A 24-year-old bay quarter horse, who

once was a head trail guide horse who was graciously given to us in

2014. Chacha specializes in all beginner riders of all ages. Chacha is the

perfect start to introduce you to the horse world. She enjoys teaching

children to be calm and gentle through their ride as she does not

require much to teach you all you need to know. You may find Chacha

in her stall nickering at you for grain or a carrot or fighting with all her

boys at the barn.


Fun Fact: Chacha was the second horse to come work at ASHR.


An 11-year-old red dun Mustang/Quarter Horse, Beaux was previously a pony express

horse. Beaux works with intermediate to advanced riders teaching them to maintain

balance and seat work and is many children or adults first canter! You may find Beaux

being his quirky self destroying various things in his stall or sticking his nose out

waiting for a treat. Beaux's Barn nickname is “Trouble Maker”


Fun Fact: Beaux measures half a hand away from being a horse!


A 25-year-old Black Morgan Horse, Nelli previously worked on a

ranch and was brought to us very green (needed training) Between

Breanna and Julie, they trained him from the ground up and he is one

of our most frequently used horses here at ASHR. Nelli teaches all ages

and levels of riders, teaching them the importance of seat,

leg, and being soft with your hands and stern in your voice cues. Nelli is

most students' first canter as well! You may find Nelli kicking his stall

door as soon as he hears someone walk through the gates. Nelli’s

favorite thing to do is roll in the dirt.

Fun Fact: ASHR trained Nelli from the ground up!


A 7-year-old gruello paint pony, Zorro is our smallest horse on the ranch,

he teaches children up to age 10 depending on tall they are. Zorro likes

teaching kids the importance of patience and learning to be around

horses safely. Zorro is a fan favorite and is one of the first horses your

child may ride and gain confidence on before moving on to a bigger

horse. You may find Zorro hanging out with his brother Woody or pawing

the ground to get out of his stall and run around the arena.


A 20-year-old Chesnut quarter horse, most known for his I heart brand

on his left shoulder. Leonard was previously a calf roper and now teaches

kids of all ages and levels how to ride. Leonard works with mainly

beginners and is one of our most patient horses here at ASHR. Leonard

teaches children the responsibility it takes to have a horse and learn

the first fundamentals of horseback riding. Leonard is one of the horses

your child's first steps of trot would most likely be on! Leonard is one of

the first horses you will see as you make your way into ASHR, and will be

waiting patiently for you to greet him with a treat or a pet. Leonard's

favorite thing to do is roll out in the arena and scratch his belly. 

Fun Fact: Leonard is from a ranch called Brooks Ranch, is Payton’s very

first horse, and Lorrie’s (Payton’s show horse) brother.



A 14-year-old Buckskin Quarter Horse, Scooter was previously used as

a kid's barrel horse. Scooter teaches kids of all ages and levels how to

ride and the patience and persistence it takes to be a noble horse

person. Scooter does not take much to ride and loves to show off his

very smooth trot and canter. You may find Scooter in his stall fighting

with his brother Tank during feeding time. His favorite thing to do is

to be given treats and groundwork.

Fun Fact: Scooter is leased by a family who spoils him


A 17-year-old Chesnut paint quarter horse, Woody is an ex-rodeo

horse and trail horse. Woody is an example of a been there done

that type of horse. Woody works with people of all ages and

levels and helps riders work on confidence, clear communication,

and patience for those who are nervous or first starting. Woody

is also one of our therapeutic riding horses. You may find Woody

watching over lessons or fighting with his girlfriend Chacha.

Woody’s favorite thing to do is eat his grain and have a relaxing


Fun Fact: ASHR uses Woody in Rowell Ranch Rodeo’s Lil’ Partners




Our 7-year-old pot-belly pig who resides in the main area is

probably found taking a nap or hanging out with his ducks. He

will be one of the first ones to greet you with the call of his

name! He appreciates any scratches or pets you are willing to


Fun Fact: Napoleon only gets along with horses and ducks!



Our infamous barn cat. Rex was found on the streets living

the life of a stray and now is living his dream life. Rex will be

another one of our animals that will first greet you. He loves

scratches and pets. Rex enjoys roaming around the barn and

taking naps in various places such as the hay room, tack

room, and uses the arena as his litter box.


Our 2 ducks who reside with Napoleon most likely

quacking away or swimming in their pool or water



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