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All Seasons Horse Riding: Read a bit about us and our journey!


At All Seasons Horse Riding, the love for horses runs deep.

Owned by Julie Payne and supervised by her daughter

Payton Veach, our horse riding business is more than just

a venture - it's a shared passion and a way of life. Our

approach combines Julie's wealth of experience with

Payton's innovative methods, ensuring a comprehensive

and contemporary equestrian education and care for our

horses and animals.


Founded by Julie Payne in 2013, All Seasons Horse Riding is

more than just a riding program; it's a community where

riders of all ages and abilities come together to share their

love for horses.


Our Philosophy:

At All Seasons Horse Riding, we believe in the power of connection – between rider and horse, and between individuals and the natural world. Our teaching philosophy centers on respect, empathy, and understanding, ensuring a harmonious relationship between our riders and our horses whether you or riding or on the ground. As well as passing down the compassion and responsibility it takes to keep this industry alive. For us, horse riding is more than a sport - it's a means to build confidence, develop respect for animals, and foster a sense of community. 


Services Offered:

- Beginner to intermediate Riding Lessons: Whether you're taking your first step into riding or looking to refine your skills, our tailored lessons cater to all levels. 

- Adult/Adolescent Program: Unique riding or horsemanship lessons focusing on confidence-building, leadership skills, and personal development through equine interaction. And the responsibility it takes to maintain our barn and its animals. 

- Youth Programs: Specially designed programs for young riders to learn, grow, and develop a lifelong bond with horses.

- Therapeutic Riding Sessions: Harnessing the therapeutic power of horses to promote emotional and physical well-being. We offer these sessions based on each child's specific needs and what they may be struggling with. 



Our facilities include:

- an outdoor riding arena

- Stabling for a range of horse breeds, each with its unique personality

- A comfortable seating area for riders and families to observe

- Indoor tack room/ bathroom.

-Centered in the heart of Alamo a mile away from Alamo Plaza. 


Join Our Community!:

At All Seasons Horse Riding, you're not just learning to ride; you're joining a family. A family that supports each other, grows together and shares unforgettable experiences. Call or email us to set up an appointment!


Call to inquire about rates!

(925) 407-7211

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